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Pushing Creative Boundaries And Bringing Captivating Stories To Life

Rosewood Five is a film production company specializing in creating compelling movies and shorts on a micro budget. Founded and led by Tony Olmos, the company embarked on its journey in 2016 following the completion of the award winning film “South of 8.”

Rosewood Five’s inception was fueled by Tony’s collaboration with talents such as Jeanette Di Pinza and Luke Anthony Pensabene, whom he met during the production of the web series “Expolio.” Since then, the company has thrived, producing a diverse range of projects. Among its notable works are the short films “Flowers for My Garden” (formerly known as “Hole in the Ground”), “Hatred” directed by Brian Patrick Butler, and “Fletcher and Jenks,” created for the San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival.

Tony’s creative endeavors continued with the development of the proof of concept short “Circle of the Snake” and the award-winning parody short “Pulp Friction,” directed in collaboration with comedy writer Mark Atkinson. The company’s cinematic portfolio expanded with the release of its second feature film, the surreal horror satire “Continuance,” in 2021. The most recent offering, “Hemet, or the Landlady Don’t Drink Tea,” directed by Tony and written by Brian Patrick Butler, showcases Rosewood Five’s commitment to innovative storytelling.

Looking ahead, Rosewood Five is excited to embark on future projects, including “Imperial Valley (IV)” penned by Derek Acosta and “HELLin” written by Justin Burquist.

Stay tuned as we continue to push creative boundaries and bring captivating stories to life.


Hatred Still
Hatred (Short)

Strange occurrences on a desolate ranch cause two brothers to fight for their sanity.


South of 8 Still
South of 8 (Feature)

An ex-con trying to find work is lured back to a life of crime, but his gang passes the point of no return once they become fugitives.


Fletcher and Jenks Still
Fletcher & Jenks (Short)

When an over-eager recruit is matched up with an absent-minded detective, the well-meaning pair end up doing more harm than good.


Pulp Friction Still
Pulp Friction (Short)

The lives of two roommates and a mysterious man intertwine in a tale of conflict and clashing within close quarters.


Continuance Still
Continuance (Feature)

A serial killer, his eccentric wife, and their house-keeper want to hide from society before an impending economic collapse, but first they must go on one last supply run.


Hemet Landlady Still
Hemet, or the Landlady Don’t Drink Tea (Feature)

A tyrannical landlady lords it over her tenants during an epidemic, pitting them against each other in a web of paranoia spun for deadly results.


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South of 8 Movie Poster
Starring George Jac, Brian Butler, Jennifer Paredes, Kate Schott, Luke Pensabene, Raye Richards

Continuance Poster Art
Starring Tony Gorodeckas, Noor Razooky, Teresa Suarez, Brian Butler, Kayla Schaffroth

Coming Soon

Hemet, or The Landlady Don't Drink Tea Poster Art
Starring Brian Butler, Kimberly Weinberger, Aimee La Joie, Nick Young, Randy Davison Merrick McCartha

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Hemet, or The Landlady Don’t Drink Tea

Our next stop is the Oceanside Film Festival (OIFF) where our dark comedy is screening at the Brooks Theater in Oceanside, California.

Hemet is nominated for the 2024 San Diego Film Awards, for, ‘Best Writing, Feature, Lead Actor, and Special Effects Make Up categories!

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